Episode 32: A Grand Fall

WARNING: Due to a recording issue Connor's audio is a little messed up in this episode. We will be back to our higher sound quality in the following episode. Just when our heroes thought they were out of the woods they come across another snag in their investigation, and what a snag it is. Low on resources and facing a rejuvenated enemy this could be the end of the road for the adventurers of Experience and Gold? SONGS USED IN THIS EPISODE: Peritune - Overworld 5 http: //peritune.com/ (Songs used were looped and/or cut) Phyrnna - Mind of Chaos http://music.phyrnna.com/ Phyrnna Twitter: twitter.com/Phyrnna Lionel Schmitt - Darkness Will Hunt You https://soundcloud.com/lionel-schmitt Kraddy - The Prestige https://twitter.com/kraddyodaddy All songs are used with permission by the respective owners or are under Creative Commons Licence: CC BY-SA 3.0. If you have any questions and comments about the show or just want to keep in touch with us you can find us at any of the social media sites listed below. Email- EXPandGold@gmail.com Facebook- www.facebook.com/experienceandgold/ Twitter- twitter.com/ExpAndGold Tumblr- www.tumblr.com/blog/experienceandgold

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