Content Warning: Vomit   Our hunters begin their investigation into the wave of lethargy washing over Middlesboro. But first, a delicious and nutritio...View Details

The next hunt begins! With Arthur, Valerie, and Sibhan newly allied with some of the Bellhaven citizens what complications will their newfound coopera...View Details

A librarian, a graphic novel, and a cosmic threat of apocalyptic proportions. All this and more on today’s enlightening episode of Experience and Gold...View Details

For now, things are calm in the town of Bellhaven. Its the perfect time for our hunters to do some reconnaissance and make a new friend!  Follow us on...View Details

With Y.E.E.T. contained and the party reunited, our Hunters enjoy a brief reprise. With lots of questions to ask and uncertain sources for answers, it...View Details

Arthur makes a bold choice, Valerie makes an entrance, and Siobhan makes a friend. All this and more on today’s episode of Experience and Gold! Follow...View Details

On today's episode of Experience and Gold, Valerie explores a desolate world, Arthur and Sibhan continue to parley, and Y.E.E.T bides his time. Follow...View Details

The battle against Your Ethereal Eternal Transmission rages on as Valerie, Sibhan, and Arthur each try a different tactic to bring down the clown unti...View Details

Our hunters once again find themselves in a precarious situation. An army of dummies, a battery powered clown, and a very big decision. All this and m...View Details

On today’s episode of Experience and Gold: The second trial begins, a test of martial might against a horde of miniature monstrosities. Surely it can’...View Details

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