Starring John Cusack and Cameron Diaz....err...not really. Catmint, Pariah, and Melachi journey farther in the strange mind of Mon Jalkovich, discovering spooky creatures and the most eerie man they've yet met. We recommend enjoying this episode with hot cocoa, a roaring fire, and a thick sweater--we're deep into Halloween season with this week's nightmare installment of Experience and Gold. Songs used in this episode: Lionel Schmitt - Tales from Asylum Phyrnna - Fight the Puppet Phyrnna - The Rim of Battle Mountain Phyrnna Twitter: All songs are used with permission by the respective owners or are under Creative Commons Licence: CC BY-SA 3.0. If you have any questions and comments about the show or just want to keep in touch with us you can find us at any of the social media sites listed below. Email- Facebook- Twitter- Tumblr-

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