With their foes finally vanquished, our three heroes continue their struggle through the tournament in hell. It's Melachi vs. Isamu this episode. A qu...View Details

Our heroic trio only has one shot to figure out the source of Charles' strength or else Judyth faces elimination from the tournament. Catmint's up bef...View Details

What time is it? For our heroic three, it is still hell o'clock. The second day of fighting has begun. Pariah faces down an enormous foe. Catmint spea...View Details

Episode 55: A Loophole

Our three heroes, determined to get to the bottom of the tournament shenanigans, take to the streets of hell to investigate. They find an unlikely gui...View Details

Melachi steps into the arena to fight a rather...familiar face? Catmint takes some very important notes of the fighting while Pariah talks with some o...View Details

The tournament continues following Pariah's victory. It's Catmint's turn in the arena now, followed by Judyth. Regardless of the outcomes of the fight...View Details

After a rather uniquely flavored yet healthy breakfast, Catmint, Melachi, and Pariah make their way with Judyth to the tournament coliseum. Some helli...View Details

First episode of a new arc, first episode of 2019! Our three heroes find themselves in a pretty tricky situation. Stuck in hell, antagonized by some f...View Details

Happy Holidays from all of us at Experience and Gold! Wait...holidays? You know what that means. Your favorite awful, horrible children are at it agai...View Details

The 50th Episode Special

Episode 50! We made it!! This week on Experience and Gold, we're taking a quick break from our 3 heroes to answer some of your questions! We'll talk a...View Details

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