The 50th Episode Special

Episode 50! We made it!! This week on Experience and Gold, we're taking a quick break from our 3 heroes to answer some of your questions! We'll talk a...View Details

The confrontation with the Scarred Man has finally arrived. How will our heroes fare against his might? What tricks does he have up his sleeve? It's d...View Details

Our heroes are so close to the end. What lengths will they go to in order to stop The Scarred Man? What sacrifices will they have to make? Things are ...View Details

It’s All Hallow’s Eve on Experience and Gold, the night is silent and our players asleep - what awaits them when they awaken? What trials could th...View Details

Episode 47: Coffee Break

This week on Experience and Gold, our trio of heroes manages to catch a very rare breather. As they descend further into the Crescendo's base, Pariah ...View Details

Pariah, Catmint, and Melachi delve deeper into the Crescendo’s base. Each floor brings them closer to their arch-enemy while also uncovering new mys...View Details

Hello Listenerds! We've got a very special announcement for you this week on Experience and Gold. Unfortunately because of the nature of this announce...View Details

It's nothing but horrors, abominations, and monstrosities in this episode...and a picnic. Sort of. Our trio does some dumb stuff in this episode and n...View Details

Our trio continues to delve further into the Crescendo base. This time, they start to solve some riddles, Catmint finds a clue, and they get in touc...View Details

This week's episode brings you more Spider Catmint, a newly discovered fear of Melachi's, and Pariah...does even more sneaking. The trio progresses fu...View Details

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